In a Room

… where you develop your plans in a pleasant atmosphere. Where do you stand now and which goals do you want to achieve?  Which milestones do you see? Which sources provide the energy level you require? How do you define the first steps?

With a Concept…

… based on mutual trust and our resolve to engage in the process. All my curiosity, my full attention and my appreciation are focused on you.

With Different Perspectives

From my point of view I am able to offer you different perspectives – perspectives that may show you solutions for your challenges.

With Your Competence

You are the expert for yourself and for your social environment. Only you know which approach works within your social context. Together we will use this knowledge as a guideline to develop suitable and sustainable solutions.

With Transparency

I will convey my methods clearly and provide choices. You decide which approach best suits your purposes. The coaching will be based on a written agreement clarifying responsibilities for all parties concerned, time frame, prices and your goal.