The foundation of my affinity towards expatriates, repatriates, and their partners was laid during my first stay in a foreign country – living on Vancouver Island at the age of 15. The breath-taking landscape, the feeling of openness, the relaxed life style of the people I met, all helped me through a difficult period of adjustment. I returned to Germany an enriched person placing even more emphasis on welcoming and respecting (cultural) differences in my relationships with others.

My working experience includes over 20 years in a wide variety of leadership positions primarily in the areas of finance, contracting, distribution and IT. As a leader, I saw it as an important part of my role to provide a stable and supportive environment to a diverse work force.

In my last position in Germany, I worked for ten years as the Operations Officer for a GmbH headquartered in the US distributing  fine chemicals to the scientific research communities throughout Europe.

My work experience is reinforced by a B.Sc. in Business and Management, certification as a Systemic Solution-Oriented Coach (in conformance with DBVC Quality Standards) and continued education in Nonviolent Communication, MBSR, and systemic group work.

I am engaged as a volunteer Career Coach in the project Patenmodell “Work through Management” for the long-term unemployed and handicapped in Mannheim.