Single Coaching

A new environment – exposure to a different culture – requires adaption. Coaching helps you to get through the different phases on the change curve more quickly. It provides a structured process to get from where you are today to the achievement of your goal(s).  By allowing yourself to (re)discover and utilize the resources you need to deal with your challenges.

Classic Coaching

You want regular support on the way to your professional goal? Choose between packages of 3 to 6 sessions at 90 minutes each.  Well-selected tasks and one email exchange between the sessions are included.

Theme Coaching


You require an additional portion of inner strength? Discover more of your resources and acknowledge your accomplishments.  Your inner critic may rest during the session.

Rearrangement of Your Goals

You would like to prioritize your professional and private goals? Discover incidentally which goals are obsolete. This type of coaching fosters efficient self-management and alignment of your actions to what is of importance to you.

Looking Backwards and Forwards

You are so engaged that you have lost track of your accomplishments and your goals? This coaching supports you in recognizing and valuing you past successes. Looking towards the future you will realign your objectives. The combination adds vitality and joyous anticipation.

Mastermind Groups – 3 to 6 Participants

Topic-related and regular facilitation for 5 to 8 sessions. One session lasts between 100 to 300 minutes depending on the number of participants. Here a 2013 Forbes article explaining the concept and listing 7 reasons why it may be suitable for you.

Price Summary

As a first time customer you get up to 20 minutes free of charge to decide if we would like to work together and to clarify the conditions. Use this calendar to schedule your first appointment.

Single Coaching for clients without leadership responsibilities: 1,25 EUR per minute = 75,00 EUR per hour

Single Coaching for clients with leadership responsibilities: 1,50 EUR per minute = 90,00 EUR per hour

Classic Coaching 3 to 6 sessions: price decreases with the number of sessions taken.

Facilitated Mastermind:  price upon request

Above prices are valid for private clients only. Prices for company clients are subject to written agreement.

Duration of a session is between 30 and 90 minutes. Please contact me for an appointment. Unless otherwise agreed payment is due after the session and payable in cash against receipt.

When setting up an appointment you are automatically agreeing to my terms and conditions (ABG).

Prices quoted are inclusive of 19% value added tax.


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