Do it Yourself?

Even if you prepared well for life and work in Germany, unexpected challenges are bound to catch up with you. You want to define your roles more clearly and fitting to the new environment.


Make Yourself Fit?

Returning home to Germany after a prolonged stay abroad you realize how much you have changed. What used to be close and familiar now feels distant and strange. You are looking for ways to reconnect with your work and your colleagues. And apply what you have learned abroad.


Finding Enrichment?

While your partner is busy working his or her way into the new position, you have taken over the responsibilities of organizing and establishing the logistics in your private lives. Even if you prepared the transition well and your partner’s company is there to support you, you feel far from being home. Contacts here are not as deep-rooted and close. Perhaps you miss your professional life and are looking for more room to self-actualize.